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The Cooper® Evolution M/T continues the Cooper® tradition of combining the latest technology with the dependable off-road performance that Cooper® is known for. It all starts with the High tensile body ply, which increases the sidewall strength by up to 20% more than it's competitors. The modern tread design will have you experiencing the extra grip a mud tyre provides - when you need it most!

Key Features

  • Earth Diggers - Earth Diggers forcefully dig into loose dirt, sand and sticky mud. Giving you extra traction in tough situations
  • Stone Barriers - Stone Barriers are raised ridges which expel lodged stones, reducing any chance of stone drilling into the tyres carcass. Giving you puncture resistance and peace of mind when driving off road.
  • Trail Grip Sidewall - "V" Shaped Sidewall "Climbers" help grip to rocks and wood. Giving you sidewall protection and extra grip when scaling rocks and rugged terrain.
  • Mud slingers - Mud slingers are deep, wide voids between tread blocks allowing continuous cleaning away of stones and thick mud. Giving you improved traction off-road.
  • High Tensile Body Ply - Cooper's specially designed high strength, high tensile body ply is 20% stronger than most other brands*. Giving you enhanced resistance to tear and impact damage when driving off-road. *Based on internally-conducted strength tests.
  • Rubber Compound - Cooper's specially formulated rubber compound withstands cuts and chips from tough dirt and gravel roads. Giving you extended tread life and protection from cutting and chipping

Performance Category: Off Road 4WD Maximum Traction

Size Load Index Speed Index Overall Diameter Runflat
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